Can Kyoka Jiro Beat It All For One?

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The following contains a spoiler for My Hero Academia Chapter 354, “Oopsie Daisy” by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, now available in English from Viz Media.

Chapter 354 of My Hero Academia finished in one of the most harrowing cliffhangers of the series yet. Kyoka Jiro, a 1 -A -class stealth expert and tracker, flies on the Tokoyami Fumikage to crash a battle between the All For One and the two top heroes – and save the Hawks in the process. After her lucky break, one would assume Jiro immediately left the way they came but, impressively, he stuck around with Tokoyami, even throwing All For One’s taunting words back in his face.

All for one strength cannot be overstated. He has lived an unnaturally long life thanks to Dr. Garaki’s anti-aging Quirk and has spent the most of it collecting the most powerful Quirks he’s come across. He is a superior life weapon than Nomu made, and knows the best way to use Quirks arsenal to optimize efficiency in battle. He was tough enough to walk away with All Might in his prime, and even though he was weaker than before, All For One was still dangerous.RELATED: My Hero Academia: Spinner’s Power-up Reminds Old Video Game Trope

Compared to the All For One Quirk, the Jiro Earphone Jack isn’t impressive. At first, he could only send sonic waves from the speakers at his feet when he attached the earphone jack. But with the help of a wrist -mounted support item, he was able to use Quirk in a more versatile way. With these new ultra -lightweight speakers, Jiro can blow sonic waves in any direction that can be aimed by the earphone jack; and given some almost limitless movement, that means his attacks are almost no blind spot.

Jiro’s Quirk also makes him one of the MHAexpert stealth heroes. Whether it’s sneaking up undetected on them or finding enemies before they get a drop on them, Jiro’s ear hacks for this otherwise complicated task. Like other students from Class 1-A, she has spent her first year at the prestigious UA Hero Course to hone her Quirk. While her sonic waves couldn’t hold a candle to Present Mic before, her latest achievement perfectly illustrates that she’s going to be strong.RELATED: My Hero Academia Fan Ingeniously Mimics Bakugo Hair Using Baby Cor

When All For One aimed a pulse blast similar to the one that destroyed Kamino on the Hawks, Jiro was able to completely negate the effect on the area with his Heartbeat Wall. For comparison, this blast is powerful enough to force All Might out of the muscle, and can only be canceled when using One For All 100%. Being able to cancel the All For One explosion is a sign that Jiro’s speakers are no more. It also follows that her secondary ability – to vibrate her own Earphone Jacks – has gotten a boost as well. Previously, Jiro was able to break rocks by pumping sound directly into him. Now, no one is telling you the amount of damage that can be done.

Of course, despite the many upgrades, there is still a possibility that Jiro can defeat All For One in a single battle. Best of all, they don’t need to. He’s already supported Tokoyami’s excellent aerial mobility, and the duo can install Dark Shadow whenever All For One is too close for comfort. The Hawks are also not out of the fight, and must Endeavor be able to recover from injury, All For one night find themselves with one too many heroes to handle.

The goal is now in My Hero Academia remove the leader of the villains ’life support mask by any means, and Jiro’s earphones could be a suitable tool for the job. If All For One leaves an opening long enough for Jiro’s earphone jack to touch the helmet, it’s as good as destroying it.