Prosecutors filed charges against the woman who was shot by police, releasing images from a camera of a police officer

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – Jackson County prosecutors said false narratives were relied upon after police shot a woman last Friday night near 6th and Prospect Avenue.

The woman recorded the video after the shooting happened and shared it online, saying the woman who was shot was not armed. On Wednesday, prosecutors released images from a camera with a police body showing a gun in a woman’s hand. Prosecutors say the picture shows Leonna Hale.

Hale was charged with a number of charges, including unlawful possession of a firearm, use of an unauthorized firearm, and denying lawful detention.

Jackson County Attorney Jean Peters Baker said prosecutors examined body camera video and additional evidence showing Hale “consistently displayed a weapon when he met with police officers.”

After the May 27 shooting, the Missouri State Highway Patrol spoke with KCTV5 News about the initial investigation. Sgt. Andy Bell said that – prior to the shooting – a Kansas City, Kansas, police dispatch showed a description of a vehicle occupied by two suspects involved in a reported armed carjacking.

“Kansas City, Missouri, officers spotted this vehicle,” Sgt. ujare Bell. “A very good explanation is given, along with [the] number plate and two suspects. “

Kansas City, Mo. police officers said they saw a vehicle parked in the Family Dollar parking lot. According to police at the location, the man driving the car ran away from police but was later arrested. “A female suspect got out of the passenger seat,” Bell said Monday. “He entered the parking lot near about four or five vehicles.”

According to court records, several cameras carrying the officer’s body recorded video from various angles of Hale holding a firearm in his right hand. After reviewing video of the camera wearing the body, investigators said officers could be heard giving verbal orders to drop the firearm and Hale “was observed still pointing the firearm in the victim’s direction.” Then he heard gunshots. Two officers reportedly fired firearms. “A suspicious gun was in the parking lot near the vehicle,” Bell said earlier.

Court records state body -wearing camera video showed Hale tripping and falling to the ground after being shot and not appearing to have a firearm in his hand anymore. Police said he was handcuffed and officers called EMS to respond. Hale’s injuries were initially described as serious.

Court records say that, during the initial interview, Hale refused to have a gun or anything in his hand. Detectives said Hale asked for a lawyer when he asked for a second interview.

On Wednesday, Jackson County Attorney Jean Peters Baker issued a written statement saying:

A spokesman for the Missouri State Highway Patrol said an investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Once completed, investigators will submit a report and evidence to the Jackson County Attorney’s Office for final review.

A spokesman for the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department said the department will continue to work with the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigation and provide complete transparency throughout the process.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas responded on Twitter Wednesday. Mayor Lucas tweeted: “Body cameras have been a positive addition to reaching the truth in public security investigations. I appreciate today’s prosecutors sharing facts and images that illustrate the public narrative about last Friday’s shooting.

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