Photo Release: Mayor Garcetti signs the FY 2022-2023 budget

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LOS ANGELES – Mayor Eric Garcetti today signed the 2022-2023 fiscal year budget, which makes a record-breaking investment in the homeless while earning the largest cumulative reserve in the City’s history at 9.3%.

“This spending plan is more than doubling the improvements and solutions that Angelenos can see and feel in their daily lives – it is about putting our City on a steady path to stability, prosperity, and justice for generations to come,” the Mayor said. . Eric Garcetti. “This budget is prudent and progressive – bold, but balanced. As Mayor, I always try to make decisions that care about the future, and this budget is proof that we can make historic investments now while creating the most fiscally responsible budgets.

The $ 1.16 billion budget addresses homelessness with the largest proposed investment of nearly $ 200 million; $ 415 million for Prop HHH enables continued construction and development for 98 projects with 6,194 new units in the pipeline. Other investments for the homeless include more than $ 255 million for a new round of the HomeKey Project, which will add 928 units, of which 909 will be permanent supporting housing units.

Mayor Garcetti has made fiscal responsibility a top priority during his tenure, and worked with key players over the past year to ensure the final budget will provide a stable and secure reserve to be handed over to the next administration. 9.3% in cumulative reserves is the highest mark of all time, making the City better prepared to withstand future economic challenges than in history.

The main components of the budget for fiscal year 2022-2023 of the City include:

  • $ 15 million for waste diversion and water resistance improvements;
  • $ 12.4 million for the purchase and lease of electric vehicles, electric vehicle infrastructure, and charging infrastructure throughout the City;
  • $ 10.5 million for the establishment of a two -part Climate Equity Fund to provide mitigation actions for low -income communities disproportionately affected by climate;
  • $ 9.7 million for road safety improvements;
  • $ 4 million in cool sidewalks, double the City’s current investment;
  • $ 5.7 million for Summer Play LA, which will provide a low -cost summer camp program at the recreation center;
  • $ 5 million for solar and decarbonization efforts in municipal buildings;
  • More than 800 sanitation workers, including more than 200 youth positions for the CleanLA program;
  • $ 2 million to plant trees in a low canopy environment.

“We’re excited about this year’s budget and the future ahead. It’s very important that we continue to make investments in innovative ideas and community-based approaches to the work,” said Drs. Lena Miller, CEO Urban Alchemy. “As a result of the new budget, Urban Alchemy will be able to deploy an additional Team of Practitioners with life experience, increase physician support for the most vulnerable neighbors, and improve infrastructure and training for services to residents in the communities we serve.”

“For Los Angeles to raise all of the Angelenos, we need a budget that reflects that goal,” said Council President Nury Martinez. “The council is ready to implement new programs in this budget that it has worked hard to create, but also brings a sense of urgency to provide basic city services.”

“After two years of the catastrophic fiscal impact of the COVID pandemic, the 2022-23 budget will restore stability, improve public safety, invest in critical infrastructure, protect the environment, clean up public spaces, improve economic opportunities, and improve the services and housing needed to make people who are homeless on the street, ”said Councilor Paul Krekorian.

“This budget reflects our commitment to cleaner, safer streets and builds from the work we lead on the justice budget,” said Council Member Monica Rodriguez. “Increasing investment in public safety alternatives such as the CIRCLE team and therapeutic mental health vans provides resources to address the complex public safety issues faced in our environment. Thank you for our board’s comprehensive approach to ensuring that the budget prioritizes the goals of all Angelenos. our city.

“This budget reflects our collective priorities as a city, including investment in cleaner roads, public safety, housing affordability, environmental protection, and mobility improvements,” said Council Member Kevin de León. “As chairman of the Homelessness & Poverty Committee, I am very proud that this budget includes a significant investment for the homeless that will keep us on track to take Angelenos permanently.”

“I am proud to stand with the Mayor and his fellow Board members as we move forward in loyalty to the people of the City of Los Angeles, determined to continue to work together,” said Board Member Price. “This budget provides a great opportunity to uplift a community like District 9 that is suffering so much, it gives hope and promise not just a sense of survival.”

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