Yu Yu Hakusho’s Four Sacred Animals and Their Powers, Explained

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Yu Yu Hakusho was the staple of 1990s anime and remains loved by many fans around the world. One of the reasons that still amazes the audience is to have some amazing villains to join the crew of unsuitable heroes. Many put Sensui or Toguro on their best list Yu Yu Hakusho villains, and rightly so.

However, one villainous quartet from Season 1’s “Maze Castle” arc is usually overlooked. Although not the most dangerous, the Four Saint Beasts are not pushovers and give Yusuke and his crew a serious challenge. Also some of the most unique villains in it Yu Yu HakushoHere’s a look at each of the Four Saint Beasts and their abilities.

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Genbu, The Stone Beast

Also referred to as “The Black Tortoise” by many, Genbu may be the weakest and brightest of the Four Saint Beasts, but it should not be underestimated. With a strange appearance with a combination of different animals, Genbu has a very different trait: his body is made of stone, making him a difficult enemy to defeat.

Because Genbu has an almost indestructible body, his tough skin can hold many people except his soft stomach – but his stone -like skin isn’t the only gift he has. He can also remove body parts and send them as deadly projectiles to enemies. This technique is called the “Exploding Bolder Bomb,” but unlike the more intelligent demonic allies, Genbu is easy to predict and makes his weaknesses very visible. Because of that, Kurama was able to defeat the stone beast.

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Byakko, the White Tiger

The second of the Four Saint Beasts, Byakko is a tall and impressive tiger -like demon with a fierce appetite and arrogant personality. Calling him the “great predator of the Four Saint Beasts,” Byakko’s great strength and shouts are mighty enough to freeze the enemy off his tracks and he taunts the Kuwabara, a human, running up to fight him.

Byakko has some incredible abilities such as the Tiger Scream attack, which allows him to unleash waves of green energy to eliminate enemies. He can also absorb enemy energy attacks – as shown when Kuwabara attacks these large beasts with a spirit sword – while the formidable Tiger Claw can be thrown as a deadly projectile.

One of Byakko’s other attacks, Unleashing Beasts, is when he takes a strand of hair from his head and turns it into a ferocious animal like a tiger hunting its prey. The only disadvantage is that it can absorb a lot of energy before the body is full and becomes exhausted. Despite being human, Kuwabara was able to defeat Byakko – but not without a fierce battle.

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Seiryu, the Blue Dragon

One of the most terrifying members of the Four Saint Beasts, Seiryu is the number two commander. He was calm, collected and not cruel, and had no compassion or mercy for those he considered weak. One can say the only saving grace is a strong loyalty to his master, to be able to do anything for a higher one and be proud of his position.

Seiryu is a master of ice -based attacks and a special move, Ghostly Ice Fist, allows him to control the ambient temperature. When an area is at a sub-zero level, he can throw a lot of sub-zero punches in a matter of seconds, which can freeze anyone in a solid block of ice. Hiei states that if he can’t defeat Seiryu quickly, the more Ice Dragon’s power will be revealed – and Yusuke and the others will run into serious trouble.

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Suzaku, Leader of the Four Sacred Beasts

The leader and the most powerful Yu Yu HakushoFour Saint Beasts, Suzaku takes the face of a handsome young man-but his personality is anything but beautiful. Suzaku is cruel, cunning and sadistic but has explosive emotions, which lead to her collapse because her emotions tend to get better. He also did not care for his subordinates, who considered him nothing but food for his purposes.

Suzaku has the power to control lightning and likes to use this power to torture enemies, as she did with poor Yusuke. The Lightning Fist attack is, as the name suggests, a lightning strike that seeks out the nearest enemy to shock with heavy tension. The pain doesn’t stop there because he also holds the power of the Seven Prisms, where he can create seven clones of himself to inflict seventh damage.

Not only can these seven copies use the same lightning -based attacks, but when Suzaku is damaged in battle, he can sacrifice them and create subsequent spirit energy to heal people with the Prisma ability of the Seven Restoration. Yusuke and his friends have to work hard to fight these unique enemies, but his greed and determination become too much for the evil Four Saint Beasts.