Why do most Shonen anime have different hairstyles?

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When we think about anime, especially Shonen, a lot of tropes come to mind. Power ups, awesome fights, superhuman abilities, mystical creatures are some of them. However, the most prominent of the others is the anime hairstyle.

But why is the Shonen character linked to this trope? Why did they come to mind when the topic was mentioned? In this article, we will try and explain why anime hair is associated with the Shonen protagonist above all other anime genres.

Disclaimer: This article will be based on the opinion of the author and will contain minor spoilers from various anime series.

Why are unique hairstyles used in Shonen?

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First, we will define what anime hair means. This is a term commonly used to describe the strange, colorful, and unique hairstyles that anime characters possess. Although this is usually used to refer to the protagonist or character of the Shonen.

These hairstyles are usually accompanied by spikes, cuts that define the physics, and bright and unique colors. It’s not all of these situations have to be fulfilled, but it’s generally the case, especially when it comes to Shonen.

But there is still the question of why the characters of this genre are more suited to this style than others. There are a variety of reasons for this.

It needs to stand out

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The anime and manga industry is a very difficult field to succeed. There are thousands of different artists who want to achieve their dreams of publishing stories, and unfortunately not everyone can achieve them. When it comes to the Shonen story, the difficulty increases.

Some of the most popular anime and manga in the world have become part of this genre. Something about adventure, fighting, the variety of ways a character can overcome obstacles that makes him attractive.

This is why Shonen artists try to create attractive visuals. A person with a normal hairstyle will not attract the attention of many people, but a person with bright yellow hair and nails that reach the top of his head may look attractive.

Crazy anime hair of the night: Kenpachi Zaraki Anime: Bleach https://t.co/mbjg0vWw6W

Obviously there are a variety of different ways to manga or anime – the story, unique abilities, and personality of the characters are just some of the tropes that are tried and tested. Anime hair helps add to that factor.

He creates a unique protagonist

Shonen’s story is filled with different characters who play important roles throughout the series. That’s what the story will be, and if your protagonist can’t be forgotten, people will quickly become disinterested in the story.

Again, there are many ways the protagonist can be memorable without the need for a flashy design, but it helps with first impressions. A glowing hairstyle also helps the reader or audience focus.

To cater to your target audience

Many Shonen series that have anime hair have the same one. Usually targeted at a younger audience. Children are generally fascinated by things that are considered different and cool. If the protagonist of the series has bright hair, the children will be drawn.

That’s why anime haircuts aren’t common when we’re talking about series made for adults. Yugioh it’s a series with a younger target audience, and Yugi’s hair is famous as one of the craziest designs in the industry. Furious a series with only adults in mind, and Hair Guts is something you can totally see in the real world.

Anime hair is a trope that is usually used by artists to increase the popularity of a character. It has the ability to appeal to an audience, and there’s something required by the genre, like content that is oversaturated with Shonen.

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