Where is Patrick Bradford Now?

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A 911 operator in Evansville, Indiana, received a panic call about a home fire on Aug. 2, 1992. Upon entering the home after controlling the fire, emergency services were shocked to find the body of Tammy Lohr, who appeared to be in critical condition. Burns severely all over. However, after a closer investigation, authorities saw that Tammy was actually stabbed to death before the fire was set, turning the case into a murder. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Primal Instinct: Slow Burn’ chronicles Tammy’s murder and shows how subsequent police investigations brought the perpetrators to justice. Let’s take a closer look at the case and find out where Tammy’s killer is now, right?

How is Tammy Lohr Dead?

Tammy Lohr is a vibrant 24 -year -old who lives as happy and adored by her community. He earned a living as a clerk, and people described him as a kind and generous man. Surprisingly, Tammy is relatively friendly and doesn’t seem to have an enemy who would take drastic measures to hurt her. In addition, he also has a good status in society, making his sudden death quite surprising to the general public around him.

In the early hours of Aug. 2, 1992, a 911 operator in Evansville received a panic call about a large fire at a home at 1106 S. Boeke Road. Once firefighters arrived at the scene, they struggled to control the blaze and were finally able to enter the home unscathed. But, much to his surprise, he found Tammy’s body burning violently on top of the bed inside the house.

While it was clear that the victim had died, authorities were unsure about the cause of death. At first, it looked like a fire had consumed Tammy’s life, but an autopsy later determined that the clerk was stabbed multiple times to death before the killer burned her body. Such a discovery turned the case into a horrific murder, and the police began an investigation, deciding to settle the matter.

Who killed Tammy Lohr?

Unfortunately, the fire had destroyed most of the lead at the crime scene, and it was almost impossible to recover forensic evidence that could have directly led to the killer. However, he found an empty gasoline container and believed it contained the acceleration needed to ignite the fire. Furthermore, law enforcement officials conducted several interviews, but Tammy’s acquaintances and loved ones did not know why anyone would choose to harm the 24-year-old. Eventually, he met Patrick Bradford, a police officer, who claimed to be in the area and trying to rescue the victim.

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Although Patrick was the one who called the fire in, he claimed that his efforts to save Tammy ultimately collapsed. Surprisingly, according to the show, the investigation revealed that while Patrick was married, he had an extra relationship with Tammy. Patrick’s wife finds out about the relationship and forces him to end it, but the lovers can’t last long.

However, when they gained access to Tammy’s email account, authorities found out that she had sent two angry emails shortly before killing her, indicating that their relationship would be down. Although Patrick asserted that he was elsewhere at the time of the murder, the police investigation later denied the claim. On the other hand, authorities saw that Patrick was unavailable from duty for almost an hour on the night of Tammy’s death.

Although police officers tried to justify his absence by claiming that he was refueling at the station, the explanation seemed absurd. However, the most significant evidence came from eyewitnesses who claimed he had seen a police vehicle sitting on Tammy’s driveway from around 11 a.m. on the night of Aug. 1, suggesting that Patrick may have been more involved than he was letting on. Thus, with enough evidence in hand, police eventually arrested Patrick Bradford and charged him with murder.

Where is Patrick Bradford Now?

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After being produced in court, Patrick Bradford pleaded not guilty and insisted on his innocence. However, the jury convicted him in each case of arson and murder, which sentenced him to 80 years in prison in 1993. Since then, Patrick has tried to overturn his sentence but to no avail. So, he remains incarcerated at the Branchville Penitentiary Facility in Branchville, Indiana, and will get parole in 2028.

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