The LHC prevented police from harassing Dua Zehra’s mother -in -law

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LAHORE: The Lahore Extreme Courtroom (LHC) on Friday stopped Punjab police from harassing mothers -in -law and mother -in -law who were different from Karachi teenage woman Dua Zahra, who had been absent from her hometown of Karachi and then appeared in Punjab claiming to be married. of her free personal will, ARY Information reported.

Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh of the Lahore Exessive Courtroom heard a petition filed by Dua Zahra’s mother -in -law, Noor Fatima and other in -laws. The Punjab normal police inspector (IGP), DIG, SHO of various police stations have been the respondents in the petition.

During the listening as we spoke, Dua Zehra along with her husband were produced earlier than the LHC amid tight security.

As the process began, Rai Khurram’s lawyer dismissed the case and issued the SHC order earlier than the Lahore court.

Subsequently, Justice Tariq quashed the petition by instructing the police not to harass the petitioner and his relationship.

SHC decision

The Sindh Extreme Courtroom (SHC) on Wednesday introduced a special ruling in the Dua Zehra case, allowing a Karachi teenage woman to decide whether she should stay with her father and mother or go with her husband.

A two-member bench, headed by Justice Muhammad Junaid Ghaffar, issued written orders in the case of Dua Zehra, a Karachi teenage girl who had gone missing from her hometown of Karachi and later surfaced in Punjab.

SHC, in a written decision, found that no evidence was found that the woman was abducted and stopped the authorities involved in registering the abduction case.

“No evidence was found about the abduction of the woman,” the court docket dominated.

The three -page written decision ordered the investigating officer (IO) to submit an interim challan and Zehra’s medical documents.

The case

It is important to say here that Dua Zehra’s family has approached the police, a few hours after she was not close to her home in Alfalah City in Karachi on April 16, and asked for an appeal through various channels to help her find her daughter.

The day after the disappearance, police discovered that Dua Zehra was married to a boy named Zaheer in Lahore.

A Lahore court docket allowed Dua to stay together with her husband. Docket Mannequin City court, while issuing a ruling on a police request to send the woman (14 years old according to her father’s declaration and 18 years old according to her personality) to Dar-ul-Aman, denied the police request. and allowed Dua Zehra to remain together with her husband Zaheer Ahmed.

He was then produced earlier from SHC where the court docket ordered a medical examination of the woman. A medical examination revealed that he was between 16 and 17 years old.