Police and Amir’s family went to court

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Karachi: Sindh police filed software in the metropolis courtroom to get permission to perform Aamir Liaquat’s postmortem to determine the reasons for the loss of his life, but Aamir Liaquat’s household asked him not to perform the postmortem.

In accordance with the details, police filed the software in the metropolis courtroom and sought permission to conduct a postmortem of famend anchor and PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat.

The police software said the postmortem would clarify whether Aamir died of innocence or was murdered by someone else.

However, Aamir Liaqat’s son, Ahmed, has filed a counter application to sue Aamir’s useless physical abuse to his family without performing a postmortem. Aamir’s family was able to file an affidavit because they did not want to do a postmortem, the device said.

Earlier, Sindh Police had written a letter to the morgue responsible for Chippa Welfare Group to not hand over Aamir’s useless body to anyone except law enforcement officials.

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The police letter stated that a lawful movement could be made to a welfare group if the physical was handed over to anyone except law enforcement officials.