Pakistan budget full details and speech

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ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Miftah Ismail presented the price range for the 12 monetary months 2022-23 (Finance 2022-23) at the National Meeting.

Miftah Ismail started his speech by saying that the previous authorities left the country’s financial system sluggish and damaged investor confidence by changing the finance minister and monetary insurance policy continuously.

The finance minister is of the opinion that the ruling coalition is taking control of the country regardless of the “truth of having to choose a difficult option to save many financial systems” that could damage the event’s reputation, but he chooses to maintain national curiosity. above the curious celebration.

He argued that the price range was intended to give the working class and additional assistance that was underestimated as compared to the elite class because the working class mainly chose to buy genuine goods rather than imported ones and provided the financial system.

He strongly criticized former PM Imran Khan by saying that he did not care about the poor because he said that “conducting tests on the cost of potatoes and tomatoes is simply not the PM’s job”.

Miftah Ismail said, Finance 2022-23 will focus on providing services to farmers who produce cooking oil, such as corn and sunflower, so that the country does not import palm oil, which touches on excessive paperwork in the world market.

He said that, given the current financial situation, the federal government has decided to reduce labor costs so that there may be a shopping ban for new, stationary furniture for government workplaces. There may even be a ban on government -sponsored overseas travel except for diplomatic visits.