I’m Married Right – Kemi Adetiba Says Her Husband On Her Birthday

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Kemi Adetiba, a Nollywood film director and director, on Thursday greeted her husband, Oscar Heman-Ackah, on his birthday.

The King of Boys director shared a picture of the music authority via his Instagram web page on Thursday, praising him for his good nature and sacrifice.

Describing him as “an unimaginable man with the most important coronary heart”, Adetiba expressed his appreciation and prayers to his confederation for being a selfless head whose mission is to live up to others.

She further acknowledged that the happiness expressed during her wedding ceremony was because she knew she had done an acceptable problem by marrying him.

“It’s my honeymoon’s birthday !! YAAAY,” The excited bride wrote throughout the captions.

He continued, “Happy birthday to love forever. This unimaginable person with the most important coronary heart. Thank God, I didn’t wait long to ‘just do it’. You see the grins in the photos and films of the wedding ceremony ?? It was. as a result of I know I did it RIGHT.I brought my head, mind, eyes & coronary heart to market.I am not married because ‘I have to’.I bought married, as a result of it for HIM !!

“I don’t just love Uncle Oz. I respect her. Not as a result of ‘I purported to’ but as a result of his very life, demeanor, substance and unimaginable achievement worthy of it. And it’s the same for everyone coming around. I’ve never seen anyone with so many unimaginable accomplishments, struggling to stay in the shadows just to have someone else wear the crown.

“You can have the most important coronary heart, kid and you’re KIND !! SOMEONE SOMEONE !!! Every now and then there’s a new guy saying, ‘I like the best way he loves you brazenly.’ I replied, ‘This is not me. So is he.’ This person loves the 4 corners of the coronary heart… HARD and DEEP and carries the individual’s matter in his head.

“He is truly a pacesetter, and by way of service. All his mission is to find ways to help or lift one another, to use useful resources. And even in the face of betrayal, this man remains indebted to himself. Oh, everyone seems to be gathered for make it special now for you, because you make it on a regular basis so special for others.

“In personal words – Thank you for making me feel safe emotionally, spiritually and physically. I love you deeply, immensely. Undoubtedly. And thank you for always ruining me, Sugar -Daddy. God bless you and every part of you. contact. You’ll thrive before you see a wonderful grandchild. “

In February, the filmmaker announced that he bought an engagement with Oscar in January 2022. The couple married on April 12 the same month in a star ceremony.