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In a recent mannequin interview with The Metallic Voice of Canada, former MEGADETH guitarist Chris Poland talks about what he did after he left the outfit in front of Dave Mustaine in 1987. [American casual diner-style restaurant] Denny after I left MEGADETH, “he said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).” And I might be noisy tables on the weekends, and some people would say, ‘Well, you’re Chris Poland.’ [Laughs] And I have to go, ‘Yeah, I do.’ [Laughs] And it’s weird, because he’s just checking on me, like, ‘Wow, what the fuck are you doing right here?’ And I would just say, ‘Hey, man, I need to eat. I have to pay rent.

“You have to think now, it’s quite loopy, because at the time of MEGADETH’s previous gold intervention‘ Peace Sells ’was really like an application,” Chris continued. “And actually here I was bussing a table in the middle of the evening at Denny’s.

“I also had shit happening in places I was also very well at sea with my girlfriend, and there’d, like, six guys strolling down the boardwalk in Venice sporting MEGADETH shirts,” Poland recalls. “And when my boyfriend was talking about, ‘Hey, you. You know who it is? It’s Chris Poland from MEGADETH.’ Usually he just says, ‘Yeah, that’s right. Fuck,’ after a walk. [Laughs] So I already have a weird model from the band, I’ll tell you.

Asked if he had regrets leaving MEGADETH, Chris said about: “This just has to be done. It’s a buy for the purpose of the place it’s just a time. It won’t work for anyone anymore. Who knows what will happen if I stay in the band? It’s probably the finest which I do not. [Laughs] Perhaps the drug will kill certain individuals, or all of us. Who really knows? ”

Poland was a member of MEGADETH from 1984 to 1987, with an interval of time she performed the band’s standard album “Killing Is My Enterprise … And Enterprise Is Good!” and “Peace sell… But who buys?” He was also the lead soloist on the group’s 2004 album, “The System Has Failed”.

Earlier this February, Poland filed a lawsuit filed by MEGADETH chief Dave Mustaine over the re -release of the 2004 album “Rust In Peace”, which contained a tour that Chris performed.

“I knew there was some flak after a while [Dave] launch a solo tour or not, ”Poland told Rock Talks.“ And I can’t afford to pay for Dave. I was referred as the supervisor of 10 situations and finally, on the eleventh, I left a message. I said about, ‘Should you not define me as soon as extra, you’ll hear from me [my attorney]. ‘ And let him call me as soon as extra. After that he taunted me and told me, ‘Accurate, Chris, all you might do is do some solo and Dave and we think you just simply’d just do it for your followers.’ And I was, like, ‘Hey, I do it for the followers, but everyone else gets paid. I have to accept the price for it. ‘ From then on [it got] totally blown out of proportion. I bought it humiliated by everyone, and was like, ‘Come on. Really? ’” He added, “Of us they like drama. I don’t know. “

Chris then said he had no contact with Mustaine for only about 20 years. “I didn’t talk to Dave because I didn’t know when. I thought it was as soon as extra fast as I made ‘System [Has Failed]’, “he talked about.”[After the dispute over the 2004 ‘Rust In Peace’ reissue]she was like, ‘It is. [Chris has] ruining our friendship. ‘ And I was, like, ‘Come on. Indeed?’ But it doesn’t matter. ”

In a September 2020 interview with Darren Paltrowitz (host of the podcast “Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz”), Mustaine mentioned Poland, saying: “Chris Poland, even though I’m not such an individual, he’s an unreliable guitarist, and I want to provide him with as fast as I did in 2004 for ‘Peace Sells’ and ‘Rust In Peace,’ and I wanted to set the song in a reissue of ‘Rust In Peace.’ She bought concerned the nuisance lawsuit, I actually really feel it, and we just ended our Friendship. And I believed, ‘Oh God, that’s rubbish.’

“There was a small mountain that was in the area that was being held, and I was talking about how I might buy the mud quickly instead of raising Chris’s friendship, and I was surprised that it happened,” Mustaine added. . “‘ At first I believed it could be very nice to have people on file. [When] individuals say, ‘Hey, this looks like Marty Friedman.’ No, Marty Friedman looks like this, because Chris did it first.

As soon as extra in 2004, Poland and / or its administration and lawyers filed a lawsuit in the Course of Mustaine referring to the use of three “Rust In Peace” demos in the album reissue without Chris ’consent. Primarily based on webmaster MEGADETH, Mustaine included the tour because he thought Chris could “thank you for the promotion, tip the hat, and show his followers how Marty [Friedman, MEGADETH‘s guitarist during some of the post-Poland years] really has been influenced by some of Chris ’solo choices for these songs. Chris further allegedly tried to sue Dave for defamation of the character on account Dave referred to as a “thief”, but Chris’s lawyer “down that after he discovered that Chris had indeed taken the band switch and bought it for drugs,” he responded. to webmaster MEGADETH. “Remember, there was a claim on VH1’s‘ Behind the Music ’on MEGADETH,” the webmaster said. Chris eventually settled $ 9,500 and thus ended his skilled relationship with Dave and MEGADETH.

Poland previously talked about the allowed elements of the 2004 re-release of “Rust In Peace” in a 2018 interview with the podcast As The Story Grows. He said about it: “Once I did‘ The System Has Failed ’, [Dave] was involved in along with a tour for the re-release of ‘Rust In Peace’. And I’m not going to accept the price, but I didn’t reveal that until I got it right here out. I used to be like, ‘Wait a minute, I didn’t get paid for this.’ And I tried to name Dave not to be reduced from a dozen situations, and I didn’t hear an extra immediately from him. Then I was referred as Dave’s supervisor for twelve situations, and he wouldn’t get any extra immediately for me. The last word I referred to as her, I was talking about, ‘Hey, man. It should happen not to determine me as soon as extra, I will determine [my lawyer]and we have to go in. ‘ [The manager] calling me as soon as extra and totally insulting me, saying, ‘You did a couple of solos. So what? ‘ And I was like, ‘What do you suggest,’ So what? ” Accurately, Dave thought you’d just do it for his followers. ‘ I said about, ‘Okay. Did everyone else who did the tour do it for the followers? Did they get paid?’ He said about, ‘Chris, that’s not the point.’ I said about, ‘Focus, man, we have to do one thing right here. I’m not just going to walk away. I’m really identical to the followers, but I’m not going to do it. If everyone else gets the effectiveness royalty for this, I might love one. ‘ I might like everyone to know that it’s not a nuisance swimsuit, it’s not one such factor.I’ve been trying to cope, so they also don’t pay attention to me.

For some very long time, the main focus of Polish music was the fusion band OHM :, which has released several studio albums to date.

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