I Didn’t Know The Crazy Signs When I Just Met Okomfour Kwadee

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Ghanaian Ace rapper Joe Fraizer has announced that he knows that his best friend Okomfour Kwadee born Jerry Johnson Annaba is now healthy and energetic.

It may be worth noting that rapper Okomfour Kwadee suffered from a psychological disorder a few years ago after it was reported that he was using heavy drugs.

Rapper Joe Fraizer revealed that after meeting his best friend Okomfo Kwadee at the year’s celebrations in Kumasi, he knew that the artist was not affected by a psychological illness as he confirmed the indications of recovery.

“We all heard of the problems happening in Okomfour Kwadee, but the disease is part of us and I didn’t see anything unexpected when we met,” he said in an interview with Amansan Krakye.

He continued “After I talked to him, I saw every part was okay, we had a really good conversation, so he was very okay and lately he was making a track with Ohemaa Woyeje.

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“Her Okomfour Kwadee fashion continues to be there, so we thank God, but pray that she doesn’t get the disease again and hope that she stays as healthy as when we last met,” he told Kastle FM in the Cape.

“We pray that he can entertain the people of Ghana as he did before, but all I can say is that every part is good with Okomfour Kwadee,” he concluded at Kastle Drive Present.

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