5 of the most powerful shounen anime characters who don’t like fighting (and 5 who are born to fight)

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of Dragon Ball Z Kab‘s Goku to Bleach kang Kenpachi: There are many strong shounen anime characters who will continue to fight until they fall. But there’s a question – what makes a man strong but doesn’t like to fight?

Wanting to avoid conflict or confrontation is a daunting goal for shounen anime characters, especially if there are alternatives to fighting. Sure, they hear it often, but it’s definitely worth a try. If necessary, the character can fight and is often strong enough to stop the enemy.

Disclaimer: This list is only the opinion of the author and contains spoilers for all the aforementioned shounen anime. Because One Punch Man is branded seinen according to various sources, Saitama not on the list.

Some shounen anime characters hate fighting

1) Sengkuni (One Piece)

One of the more powerful of the Four Pirate Emperors in the shounen pirate anime One Piece, “Red-Haired” Shanks is a former member of the legendary Goal D. Roger Pirates and is currently a crew captain. In stark contrast to the other Four Emperors, Shanks is pacifistic and prefers to throw a good party with tons of sake rather than robberies and robberies.

Shanks is famous for ending the Marineford war with just words, as a former rival of swordsman Mihawk, and matching Whitebeard in sword combat using all three forms of Haki – which can make many people fall unconscious. As if it wasn’t horrible enough, he was also a very fast runner and swimmer.

2) Koichi Hirose (JoJo’s Strange Adventure)

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While he is by far the most physically powerful among the four -part cast of the shounen anime JoJo’s Strange Adventure: Diamond cannot be broken, Koichi is the most emotionally mature and doesn’t like fights. While it’s true that Josuke isn’t trying to fight, he has more keys than Koichi. Koichi on the other hand, is Stand ser, so fights come to him though, like Josuke, who doesn’t seek him out.

Reverb/ECHOES is considered to be one of the most versatile and useful Stands as it evolves into a variety of forms. First, the words add up and may help him save his mother and sister. He then rescues his future girlfriend after he tries to kill her when the word comes true (turning a sharp stone into a cartoon bouncing spring). The Third Act could stop Kira on track and receive one of the final blows in the serial killer.

3) Waras Stampede (Trigun)

Love and Peace are at the heart of Vash the Stampede’s motto, code, and rhetoric. Blonde gunslinger from shounen anime Trigun refuses to kill any enemy that crosses his path, and will more than likely live in peace if not for the massive bounty on his head. Although he has lost many friends and family, and has been betrayed many times, it does not stop him from showing his hopeful love for humanity.

Although Vash is prone to depression and absolutely incompetent standing alone, which still maintains an unending joy and compassion streak. This is because of the power of his power. Vash is not human – he can dodge bullets, inflict fatal wounds, turn his arm into a massive cannon, shoot black hole bullets, teleport, and even create blades that automatically defend him.

4) Shigeo Kageyama alias Mob (Mob Psycho 100)

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From a very talented gunslinger to a powerful psychic third year in high school, Shiego Kageyama aka Mob from the anime shounen Mob Psycho 100 may be a slightly stronger individual but will not be 100% except as a last resort. These psychic powers are related to their emotions, because strong negative emotions can cause them to be horrible and hurt others. She also appears to show signs of social anxiety and awkwardness, as she has struggled with a lack of friends.

However, Shiego is very understanding and compassionate. He had no revenge or anger towards those who tried to kill him. Shiego also tries to reason with enemies and foes first and always, from bullies to those who destroy the city. The powerset itself includes strong telekinesis, energy absorption, energy transfer, and more, depending on the emotional state.

5) Krona (Soul Food)

Crona (Image Credit: Soul Eater, Square Enix, Studio Bones)
Crona (Image Credit: Soul Eater, Square Enix, Studio Bones)

Crona of the shounen anime Soul Food is a tragic story about a child who is just born into a weapon. As a result of his abusive mother, Medusa Gorgon, training him to be a weapon and nothing else, he becomes very dependent on her and shows many symptoms of mental illness and trauma. Crona doesn’t like to fight, and often dies.

Crona unfortunately lacks morality and is exposed to signs of insanity and random aggression, due to being raised horribly. When Crona fights, his abilities are quite fierce. Crona is an adept swordsman, more so than Maka Albarn and too crazier to use three knives. Black blood in his veins can also be used to make armor and swords, and makes him unafraid of Madness.

5 shounen anime characters who enjoy a good fight

1) Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

A beast of a man from the anime shounen Bleach, Kenpachi Zaraki is one of the fighters who will give money to everyone on this list. He loves and lives for any conflict and even restrains himself to prolong the fight. Kenpachi will usually stop the fight if the enemy is badly injured, but will not hesitate to kill if the enemy refuses to stop the fight. He also spent a lot of time looking for Ichigo to complete the score.

So, Kenpachi is not a war -crazy barbarian. His relationship with lieutenant Yachiru was a good father-daughter relationship and he believed strongly that it was fun before work. He also honors people who can do their best in fights like Unohana and Ichigo.

2) Men (Naruto)

Power of Youth is powerful in the Hidden Leaf Noble Green Beast! With bushier eyebrows than Rock Lee and Bowl Cut to match, shounen anime expert Taijutsu Might Guy is incredibly driven, loyal, and always looking for a challenge. He is a good and confident fighter who smirks even when defeated.

The abilities of this martial artist in anime shounen Naruto described as one who relies primarily on physical attacks and using nunchaku to slam rocks. Despite this apparent loss, Guy has risen up against and beaten Shark-like members of Akatsuki Kisame, opened all Eight Gates and nearly defeated Madara Uchiha with them, and has been praised for being unrivaled in physical combat.

3) Goku (Dragon Ball Z Kab)

Be a good shounen anime character from Dragon Ball Z, Goku is a fighter who can’t resist strong enemies and will actively try to fight though kill they. From excited to fighting Maijin Buu, Cell, Jiren and others, Goku usually gets in trouble because he is so excited.

Though Goku can destroy the planet and the universe if pressed, he doesn’t like to tap into his powers unless war isn’t going in his favor. He also has a habit of giving his enemies senzu nuts or time to heal so they can enjoy the fight.

4) Hisoka Morow (Hunter x Hunter)

Officially # 4 of the powerful Phantom Troupe, Hisoka Morow in the shounen anime Hunter X Hunter always looking for stronger enemies and spares with great potential including Gon and Killua. A self -reliant person, they always do things that will please or benefit them. Hisoka is actually a killer sociopath, because he easily moves away from things, even if he just kills people in a way or people he deems worthy, because all he thinks about is a good challenge.

To that end, he promises to kill all members of the Phantom Troupe after they are defeated. Aside from the strength to rip his head off with one hand, and enough speed to stop a quick coin bullet, Hisoka can use playing cards as razors, fast projectiles and is also Nen’s specialist in transmutation and conjuring. Hisoka’s nen powers can effectively create an elastic aura with Bungee Gum, providing good defense and attack with elastic weapons.

5) Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

As one of the main Titan shifters in the shounen anime Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager has a death wish to live with the Titans and will never be a broker. After seeing his mother die through Smiling Titan causing anger and frustration, he embarked on a brutal training regime, after which he awakened the power of Attack Titan and began now living for war.

Ironically, this led to stagnation, as the situation on Paradise Island became more complicated than anticipated. Despite going to war and killing the Titans, when Annie was revealed there was one, followed by Reiner and Betholdt and then the truth about Marley was revealed – it broke him completely, which didn’t lead to things being good when the war escalated.

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